Coins of Roman Egypt
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Greek Dates

Year 1 Α
Year 2 Β
Year 3 Γ
Year 4 Δ
Year 5 Ε
Year 6 ς
Year 7 Ζ
Year 8 Η
Year 9 ΗΑ or Θ
Seldom encountered as Θ due to the association with death. It is the first letter of the greek word for death, ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ.
Year 10 Ι
Year 11 ΙΑ
Year 12 ΙΒ
Year 13 ΙΓ
Year 14 ΙΔ
Year 15 ΙΕ
Year 20 Κ
Year 30 Λ
Year 40 Μ

The greek word for year, ETOYC, while often abbreviated by L, is sometimes spelled in full. The dates are occasionally seen spelled out or abbreviated.


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